MTS Industrial is a company created with corporate social responsibility (CSR) values at its core. From its very beginning, following clear best practice guidelines, it developed a concept of integrity in business and of respect and promotion of the common good based on four pillars:
Priority of client satisfaction as the company’s raison d’être
Engagement of the workforce in the business
Stability and collaboration with suppliers
Community and environmental integration, at both head office and at the site of the various projects in which it participates, taking on board any concerns
Since the beginning, these guidelines have retained their essence as a core part of the company’s management system. They are seen as a competitive factor and fundamental to the policy of relating to society. From its very origins, therefore, MTS Industrial has stood by its commitments as a socially responsible company, seeking to develop and maintain a smooth, continuous relationship with all its stakeholders.
MTS Industrial’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy is based on a series of commitments, amongst which are:
To take ownership of the principles of respect for human, labour and environmental rights and of the fight against corruption that are incorporated in the United Nations Global Compact and its international code of ethics
Implementation of a letter of engagement with its suppliers, as an ethical code of conduct and mutual trust
Social responsibility allows MTS Industrial to combine its own social interest with those of all its stakeholders, thus recognising the influence of its activities on the local community and their shared environment.
This policy expresses the three dimensions of CSR (economic, social and environmental) and establishes five core commitments, in line with MTS Industrial’s business model, as follows:
1. Team commitment;
2. Commitment to the client;
3. Commitment to the value chain;
4. Commitment to the environment;
5. Commitment to society.

This Corporate Social Responsibility policy was approved by the Management of MTS Industrial on 30 September 2018.
It has since been fully in force in all its aspects.
This policy is to be kept up to date. To this end, it must normally be reviewed annually, and exceptionally, whenever there are variations in the strategic objectives or applicable legislation, in which case a proposal for change will be presented by the Director of Operations following consultation with the Head of the PR department and the QA/QC department, who will escalate it, if necessary, to the Executive Director for approval.

Antas, 30 December 2018
Signed: Pedro J. Sánchez Estrella
Executive Director