Using qualified technical staff and certified measuring equipment, MTS Industrial Technology undertakes inspection campaigns and audits for our clients on the state of their equipment in all kinds of industry, giving recommendations for their adequate maintenance and/or repair, if necessary.

The inspection includes:

  • Visual inspection
  • Inspection of exterior paint thickness
  • Base material thickness
  • Checking the state of interior coatings

Following the inspection, we report our conclusions based on the initial data and the necessary minimum margins of safety/quality.




By using calibrated and certified ultrasound equipment, we measure the thickness of the base material. These measurements allow us to analyse the thickness of the sheet metal and any degradation through use and operation of the equipment.

This assay guarantees compliance with a series of international standards.



By using magnetic induction meters, we can measure precisely the thickness of layers of coatings on iron surfaces.

Using this instrument provides vital information to determine the life expectancy of the substrate and the appropriateness of the product for its purpose, and its appearance. It also guarantees compliance with a series of international standards.

Spark test


This is a non-destructive testing method applied to protective coatings in order to detect unacceptable discontinuities such as pores and gaps. The test involves verifying an electrical circuit to check whether current flows to complete the circuit. This test is used to find discontinuities in the coating film which are not easily visible. The test is generally carried out inside tanks, chemical storage vessels and buried structures due to the importance of maintaining an adequate protective coating in aggressive operating environments.