At MTS Industrial we have no doubt that the prefabricated spools system is the best way to manage all piping fabrication for an installation or project. Spools allow pipes to be divided into parts and group them in the isometric drawings for prefabrication, finishing and ease of transport and installation.

At MTS Industrial we have the appropriate facilities for prefabricating piping spools, with completely separate environments for simultaneously working with different types of materials, whether they be carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy spools.

Thanks to having our own employees and workshop, we are able to produce however many inches per day our customers require, using all types of diameters, materials, thicknesses and welding processes.
Having an in-house engineering and production area, we can optimise plans and isometric drawings for fabrication, fulfilling requirements in less time. We can even carry out non-destructive testing and pressure testing in our own facilities for packing and despatch in accordance with the standards requested by our customers.

We supply fabricated spools, NDT tested, painted, suitably packed and/or assembled on their definitive skid, with sections for adjustment during installation in situ.

Such fabrication, which can be continuous under any circumstance, saves time and labour and helps our customers avoid any impact due to factors such as climatic conditions for on-site fabrication.