What characterises MTS Industrial is our versatility. We work in conceptual design, detail engineering, fabrication, installation, commissioning and maintenance both nationally and internationally, covering a broad range of industries.

As trusted suppliers of quality solutions, we enable our clients to optimise their costs while we complete the assigned works speedily and with quality.

We aim for continual improvement of our process, prioritising understanding our customers, the market and our company.
Following the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model, at MTS Industrial we undergo regular self-assessment that takes into account the Customer and Project binomial. According to the European model, for a company to reach levels of excellence it must excel in its leadership, its policies and strategy, its management of people, resources and partnerships, and its internal processes.

This organisation is based on being results-oriented and focuses on the client.

At MTS Industrial we follow this process model, which relies on the participation of all members of the company and takes into account ethical and social aspects.

At MTS Industrial we have implemented the EFQM model of excellence. Using this tool enables us to measure where we are and what path we wish to follow as a company. It helps us understand where we might be lacking and to find solutions based on the three fundamental pillars of the EFQM model:

  • The Fundamental Concepts of Excellence
    • Adding value for customers
    • Creating a sustainable future
    • Developing MTS Industrial capacity
    • Harnessing creativity and innovation
    • Leading with vision, inspiration and integrity
    • Managing with agility
    • Succeeding through the talent of people
    • Sustaining outstanding results
  • The EFQM Model of Excellence: conceptual framework that helps put into practice the Fundamental Concepts and the RADAR logic
    • Leadership
    • Strategy
    • People
    • Partnerships and resources
    • Processes, products and services
    • Customer results
    • People results
    • Society results
    • Key performance results
  • The RADAR Logic: management tool and dynamic assessment framework that constitute the backbone allowing MTS Industrial to meet the challenges on the way to achieving sustained excellence
    • Analysis of enablers
    • Application of the Enablers matrix
    • RADAR for results
    • Application of the Results matrix

At MTS Industrial we have established processes for continuous improvement that can be integrated into our customers’ quality plans.